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The HAPPINESS Workshop

via ZOOM

Saturday 19  December 2020 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Celebrate, release, share, build

WORKSHOP  LIVE and  REPLAY on request

A colorful session for a closing of this magnificent year

We switch to 21/12 in this proven 5th dimension , for those who want to enter it.

The choice, the expression of Self is free open and available, here and elsewhere

Our sovereignty in living and exciting choices is at the door for some, more integrated for others, and always available to all , and all together

We are the unity of this living world, ultra powerful for those who want to taste it

We are in this magical year of masterful awakening

Towards a new universal and global epic ,

in the rocker so close announced.

So let's be clean

Let’s be ready and take action,

but-holding our regained sovereignty.

Here and holding hands


- CELEBRATE our year

Assessment and release of blockages and recurring points of friction

- RELEASE what we wish to deposit. Pacify, forgive oneself and others, Welcoming but not accepting

- SHARE and bring together a group of people determined to love, oneself and the other, freely, unconditionally. To say the least learn and strive for it

- BUILD by defining some goals and projects that you want to achieve.


. Meditation /  Pipe /  Care

. Exchanges & conversations

. Sounds / Voices / Drum / Primordial Language


When you register, a support will

is delivered  in order to guide you

in the preparation of this workshop

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