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LANILDUT  - Conference

23  November  2019





SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2019 at 8:00 p.m.

Henri Quefellec Space

8 place de l'Eglise 29 LANILDUT



Joy, Well-being, living well is possible and available to everyone, whoever we are.

Discovering the human in all its dimensions, practicing new uses and making changes on a daily basis allows us to create the life we want.

This is what Dominique invites you to open and discover.

.  What if we were much more than we thought  ?

Discover the potentials of each human

And if we thought otherwise  ? 

Set your head and your heart in motion

. What if we were conscious creators  ?

Create & achieve the life we want


Biography Dominique Errard  :  Coach, Author, Speaker, Energetician

Medium and astral traveler since childhood,  Dominique is born intuitive, endowed with sensations, knowledge, looks and skills that others do not have. Graduated in sociology at the University of San José in the USA and in management and business at Inseec Paris. She then worked for 13 years in industrial groups in project management, supervision and negotiations.  Then pushed by her children who are themselves different, she travels a lot, meets and shares with scientists, musicians, shamans, men and women of faith, mystics, therapists, artists, doctors from the East and the West ... She thus confirms his innate intuitive knowledge, validated by various certifying training courses such as Shiatsu, Reiki, Ayurveda. Since 2007 has worked as a coach, energy specialist, shaman, woman medicine, with individuals in individual or group support, as well as with companies or institutions, in France and abroad.

It “tunes” DNA with Sound (voice, drum) and Word, and transmits knowledge and looks that offer a life of harmony.  "  The infinite space of the domain of energy, of the invisible, of the power of thought and of the heart is my passion, my vocation. I carry the absolute certainty that every human on this earth is ultra powerful, except that he does not know it anymore  !  My job, my mission is to pacify, awaken and reveal each to himself.  "

Contact and Reservations

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