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Family Constellation

- Resilience -

Find yourself, constellate, liberate

2 days to unify, pacify, liberate what can and wants to be

U.S. together

During this family constellation session, we focus the release on our ability and total freedom to enter into resilience.


What is Resilience?

The word RESILIENCE comes from the Latin “salire” which means to jump, to which is added the prefix “ré” which means backward movement.

. In physics, resilience is the ability to resist pressure and regain its original structure after being deformed.

. In psychology, it is the ability to live happily despite adversity.

. In energy, quantum, vibration it is the ability to TRANSMUTER cell biology, the memories inscribed in the DNA, ours and that of our lineage, known or not.


This session is a passage of understandings and always of liberations which settle and develop to the extent of the days spent inscribing the will of a new carnal, embodied life. 

Welcome to this space of 2 days of new freedoms, determined to include today the human force as close as possible to its Nature, in health, free to be without any more need to appear, simple, in perennial daily actions respectful of all the laws of life.


Peace, health and harmony, for you, for me and for all.

. In this session we open the doors of the unconscious to dissolve and reprogram some of our recurring and blocking mechanisms. 

Highlights the unspoken, family secrets and blocking memory traces inscribed and ready to emerge.

What Use / Function

Find your place, adjust moods and bitterness, dissolve certain misunderstandings, pacify and act on what can be and thus actively participate in self-healing. Pacifying our families is also a solution towards a unified humanity, respectful of the laws of nature and of life.

Hinge period and people Hinges;

Those who already know in body and heart and want to reveal themselves, through liberation, pacification. All who want to enter this special year, ready to live free from pasts and willing to create a life of harmony

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