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Professional & Individual Coaching

Change your Life - Duration 3 months

On demand



3 months of CARE and Coaching to change your life

All the topics, all the changes you want now.

Global consideration of all personal, private and professional needs.


. Preparatory sessions by  phone / skype

. 1 day of energy work, information, knowledge, for you and your specific needs

. 1 follow-up


Our 3-month process

1 - Some fitness appointments

These are phone / skype sessions  intended for  pre set our day.

. Free / Clear / Adjust 

. Define the  goals and objectives

2 - 1 day together about 1 month after our first exchanges

It is an oscillation between quantum care and technical exchanges,  theoretical and practical.  We tackle subject after subject the points  and goals that we have set for ourselves.

Energy / quantum healing decodes the  mechanisms  cells encoded in DNA, words, verbs  adjust and  focus a new  physical energy. We are in total  interaction during this day.

3 - A total of 3 months

We communicate,  we exchange, we adjust what must be as and when your needs and requests.

We are in  total synergy during this quarter of transformation, professional, social,  economic,  family, health ... 

Jour perso

Family Circle - Duration 6 months

Support for changes;  In the heart of your home

On demand

Famille Marcher sur la plage

A weekend for yourself and for all your family

Coaching & Care - For the whole family team (parents / children)


Change is hands-on.

We are in interaction and followed for a total of 6 months.

A family is the union of people so different that it is sometimes complex to preserve and even regain unity. We grow up, we all change, but not all at the same time or in the same way. 

It is a question here of re-harmonizing the whole, offering a legitimate and complete place to each one.

Family  is a group of individuals, parents and children, 

which brings together 4 circles of different creations.

. The individuals

. The couple

. Children

. The family, the tribe

- We  let's start  by  remote care / coaching sessions, via phone / skype, with all family members  who  intervene in this relief  family. 

- I come to you, about 6 weeks after the start of our sessions.

It's about sharing a weekend to transform in depth. 

- Following this  sharing, according to needs and requests, we adjust

the rest of the contacts and sessions.  We adapt to  evolutions of each.

We address organizational spaces and  emotional following:

. Identification of individual difficulties

. Identification of collective gaps

. Definition of the group's objectives

. Definition of individual goals

. Specificity of care and teaching / transmission according to each one

In 6 months, your life will be completely changed.

1. Our individual sessions &  family, preparers

Initially remotely, by phone and Skype, at the pace and according to the needs of each person, part of this family. 

This period lasts about a month and a half and it is an important stage where we start the process of cleaning, lightening, harmonization of each member of the family who wishes to participate in this experience.

The pace and number of sessions are organized, sandstone to liking, according to the needs and requests of each of the people in this group.  


2. Stability phase

Secondly, we meet at your place, to enjoy a weekend together. This step allows you to install new individual and collective features in your nest.

We  let's refine, adjust, put in place at home, for all of you in your home life, mechanisms, cleanings, desires, processes adapted to each one, and always oriented, towards the goals and objectives that we will have set for ourselves.


I come to your place to share a weekend to transform, everything that we can lighten up,  to cleanse, liberate, expand and make grow, each One, individually and collectively.


3. Phase of  sustainability

Following this weekend session, we continue our care and transmission of lessons to the extent of the successes and needs, individual and collective of the whole family.

We are in a relationship of support, sharing, setting material, so that the achievements and transformations of all, last and take root deeply. So intimately that it becomes a new nature for each member of the family.

We are connected as you need, for the necessary time and for a period of 6 months. Over this space-time, we adjust knowledge and practices so that they turn into knowledge and become quite natural.

Du temps en famille
fun Puzzle
Famille à la plage
Famille heureuse
Son surprenant son père avec cadeau d'an
préparatifs de Pâques

WORKSHOPS - Unis-Sons; Vibration units

Coaching &  Care


Quantum physics




We all have the same tools,  except that we don't know them  always. 

I propose the awareness of what the Human is ​ in its full potential,  visible and invisible, the discovery of techniques and tools  adapted to your needs,  to install new uses in your daily life. 

We can transform our lives.

We are all beings endowed with reasons and perceptions.

We are  multiple, created cells and DNA carriers  of our stories, known and unknown.

We are a body of flesh, a mental / emotional body and a body  Intuitions.

The main thing is to learn and understand  messages from the body and the heart.

You  discover the amplitude of  your body  in all its capacities, visible and invisible. 

You develop your potentials. You  dissolve  and heal what no longer suits you. You  create what you want.


We are all gifted beings  visible and invisible vibrations.

Intuitive, sensitive, energetician, healer, medium, other ... the names are those clothes that dress and suit  for whom it is necessary. 

We Are a body of flesh and air, animated by a heart and a head,  that it is possible to release for  the  guide and create the life you want.

Leave the anger and the opinions,  lay down the pros and cons, and thus free  creative potential,  unique and  ultra powerful in us, each one.

We are light and sound. We are vibration.

Intuition, connections  Yes but where ? What  ? How? 'Or' What ?  Why ?

Development of Knowledge on the full potential of humans


Quantum / Energetic / Shamanic / Vibratory

Accompanied by the Drum and the Voice and we write what we want.

Daring to take care of yourself means living actively participating in the harmonious construction of your environment.


Session - 1 day

No prerequisite;  Just the deep desire to be well

A day to cleanse the past, remove recurring mechanisms.

Initiate changes, find the  movement, flexibility and desire.

Extract possible goals to create today, a new present and  quickly live the  changes.

Aug 15, 2019

Huelgoat Forest


Session - 2 days

Day 1 - Discover and open up our potentials

A body of flesh encoded in DNA  endowed with information, strong and powerful if you know how to use it. 

We take the time for releases, knowledge and techniques.

Knowledge you integrate  in Knowledge according to your  practice  personal, whatever the form.  Knowledge of oneself and of Self liberate, step by step, the judgments that one can have on oneself and therefore on the other. 

The gaze and the listening are wider. The amplitude opens  your  potentials  unsuspected.  

Day 2 - Release the Emotional & Orient the Mind

Magical and unlimited potentials;  1 head + 1 heart

Policed in  our moods, lightened of the imprints  DNA  for part  restructured, we are now sailing in these times of creation. 

Discover our desires, our joys and define our individual goals.

Control our mind and make it a tool of creation.

Build your own path, with your own Universal mental and emotional tools.

July 13 and 14, 2019



Session - 3 days

Day 1 - Relieve the Mental & Calm the Emotional

Open up  in Waves 

Our body is a program of DNA, of cells whose atoms  activate and vibrate and bring to life, situations, emotions, ... "oops, it's not going strong".

This is our constitution  herself  which vibrates in all directions or in a  same direction. It is this better organization that supports our  balance and participate in a better creation of our life.


Day 2 -  Heal the emotional & free the mind

Create better days

Involved in our  days today, we watch our thoughts, words and deeds. Our thoughts, words and deeds are a series of information.  We deposit what we no longer want and  let's set new targeted intentions.


Day 3 - Use the Mental & the Emotional and create HIS LIFE differently

The heart impulses and the head  executed

The world of "  shapeless  " 

Playing with her  thought and heart, and create its new reality

Dissolve  his annoyances.

Creation manifested.  Love who we are and train for it

To be defined according to your  requests and desires


Session - 5  days

Know and reveal what you are

Unifications / Harmonizations

. Cleansing of memories according to the first intensions chosen

. Unification / Alignment / Individual and collective harmonization

. Discovery of the vibratory / magnetic / energetic body


Reductions / Openings to new

. Relaunch of life energies

. Creations / desires / Joy / hope / faith

. Redefining goals

. Creation of the logbook


Practice / Develop / Dare

Decryption / Decoding

. Emotions are tools of creation

. How to manage  / transmute / dissolve / orient

. Unification / Alignment / Individual and collective harmonization

. Discovery of vibratory / magnetic / energetic bodies


Good use of the Mind / Emotional

. Release of memories  / mechanisms 

. Self-care / Self-care

. Become a screenwriter of your life

. Dream to create


Define your goals / Build to achieve them

Specify / Adjust 

. Sounds and movements of each day

. Set new directions

. Uncover the words that alert evils

. Emotions are information

. Slow down and reverse thoughts


Thoughts / Words / Actions create Everything

. The creative trilogy

. Regular / benevolent / rigorous actions

. Develop inspirations and breaths

. Orient / Focus  / To create

August 19 to 23  2019


bouddhistes Praying
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