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CORSICA -  ST Florent  

10/30  to 01/11

Healings  of our memories of Atlanteans



3 days of healing  in Spiritual Corsica

Immersion in Haute Corse / St Florent




If 5 registered before 25/09 then the session is launched

The house is reserved for us until 25/09

From Friday October 30 to Sunday November 01

Residence for 4 or 5 nights

arrival on site  Thursday / Friday / Saturday / departure Sunday or Monday

6 residential spaces

12 student places



We are growing exponentially individually, all of us, whether we know it or not.

This space that is Corsica offers us an exceptional setting to grow  and release more,

All  particularly our memories ATLANTES


We live in a very agitated humanity, necessary for the deep healing of who we are.

This Extra Ordinary period is a passage,

and the essence of our session is to regain our breath, our balance, our personal harmony.

. Forgiveness for us, for all

. The union of the body and the heart, the head and the Intuition

. The center and the balance

. Growth with respect for all parties involved.

What it brings to you

After this session, your breathing and your breath will be wider ,

your ideas and impressions much more structured

and discernment will take its place

Tools for healing the mind, managing emotions to  use at home, at work, on the street, in all situations of our daily lives, tools and stuff  for oneself, adapted to our situations.

Some cellular memories in your DNA will be transformed.

Recurring mechanisms, blockages and limiting memories will be less present

Mechanism  and organization  of our days

Oscillations between meditations, treatments, knowledge sharing, mountain and water nature walks



We meet again in the mornings around 10 a.m.


Knowledge sessions 10:30 am / 1:30 pm

. Dance of the 4 directions every day

. Knowledge transfer

. Shamanic care of cell liberation


Connections to spirits sessions 3pm to…

Our journeys  : 3 afternoon + 1 evening

  • Road / Mountain connections 

. We lift the stones on the road of the dolmens. Openings of doors those of the earth and also ours

  • Miraculous Waterfall

  • Meeting with the keeper of time

  • Sea connections

. Beach Evening / Celebration and liberation of our ancestors  

An exceptional place 

The  concierge  du Nebbiu, Spinelli residence on  the  Heights  from Saint Florent

Our house with view + swimming pool is in picture by clicking on the link above

A home for us

Lodging  of 6  maxi people

Beds in single rooms or not




- Price 1 - 50 € / night

Room for 2

Single bed

Shared bathroom

- Price 2 - 70 € / night

Room for 2

Single bed

Integrated bathroom

- Price 3 - 90 € / night

Single bedroom

Double bed

Integrated bathroom

Food  :  In addition to the measure of our individual and collective choices

Internship session  : 400 €

Plane between 150 € and 300 €



Transport / accommodation  : Laetitia based in Corsica /  07 82 40 83 96

Contents  /  Registrations  : Dominica

Please share your phone number with us for simplicity.
See you soon

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