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Digestion of trauma

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Magical and masterful period of this Humanity in complete evolution and regeneration. All of us face our demons that untreated/released,

rise to our hearts and bodies, as never before. This is quite the norm for this period of the new cycle of Mother Earth which activates vibratory and cosmic mechanisms that jostle each being. Our perceptions change, our views change, our place is redefined, the importance is transformed.


Our lives, conscious and unconscious, have opened wounds that sometimes are so difficult to close that it cannot be done alone. It is also a question of cleansing before closing the wounds, so that this healing is the healthiest and faithful to our aspirations.

Our conflicting histories, our judgments and our guilt, our reactions are all mechanisms born of trauma. They are our limiting weights that hurt our life again and again, while these disturbances do not even affect the other.


Humanity today is in total mutation and is offered the availability to live free and happy, dispossessed of the inscriptions, shocks and traumas that could still harm everyone's present.


We were born to free ourselves, we still have to want it.









Drum and Voice

Support Progress text after session


Your pre-action

  • Define and write BY HAND on a support, ideally in graphite pencil, the 2 or 3 subjects maximum that affect you and whose mechanism we are going to dissolve

  • Recite a text, at least once a day in the morning, otherwise at your convenience, in order to register the change, before our session.You will also use it later. This text will be sent to you as soon as you register.


There are no small and big traumas. In Truth, all are and rot the one who wears them. They are our dysfunctional emotional states that we can choose to release at any time.


Saturday June 24 and Sunday June 25 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Center Vannes (56)

The address is communicated when you register.

  • Price €200 via the online store or at the start of the session

Come with a quick nibble. We don't have lunch

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