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Identify & Know

Understand &  orient

Appease &  dissolve

To balance &  Use


g esti on of st re ss

The Symptoms of Stress are Various  :  Sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, discomfort, anxiety, pain, anger, anxieties, memory loss, low mood, the feeling of being overwhelmed, of no longer belong, of being slow, of experience dietary changes (too much or too little) ...

Overall health is affected by stress . David Servan Shreber even says that “  stress does much more damage than alcohol and tobacco  "


During these workshops we install

  • Discovery and formalization of stress indicators

  • Identification of stressors

  • Remediation of situations

    • Work, individual / personal mentally and emotionally

    • Construction of a structured and coherent strategy for transforming the situation Use of tools, development of personal tools adapted to individual situations.

  • Retro-planning of the results identified, and areas for improvement

The tools offered are adapted to the professional world.

These are methods that re-educate the mind and soothe the emotional.

These new uses and habits are being tested and applied both in professional and personal life.  We are then individually the actors of all changes.

Stress is no longer a factor of pain and destruction.

This stress energy becomes an actor of constructive creations, generating a space available for the resolution of all the differences, in order to work together, towards a common objective or objectives.

The results are installed in all living spaces, for an unlimited period.

These uses of self-management and management of situations once acquired are useful throughout life. And the more we get used to our mind to work in a constructive direction, the more our life becomes, the more we find our intuitive aptitudes very useful to achieve simply, a healthy life and in abundance, on all the plans.

We become the creators and screenwriters of our lives.

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