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Bring back the sacred
Reborn alive

France -​ Valves (56)
07/23 to 07/26 included

A space dedicated to pacification, to the unification of the Self in oneself

The time for changes in our humanity is long and so are we.

To grow in lightness , in understanding and knowledge , in liberation of beliefs, is to develop one's vibratory, telepathic, clear hearing, clear clairvoyance, tele kinesic and healing skills. It is also and above all to harmonize your life, to dare to make choices, to put down ideas and to focus your life on what you want to achieve .


Our GOOD HOUR and GOOD HUMOR session is part of the period of the greatest transformations of Humanity.

The participants in this session are called by their civic humanity, aware of the individual responsibilities incumbent on each one. We enter here, in our individual field of creation, like the scriptwriters of the operative and visible changes inscribed, here on this earth. 

We are the sound and the light of ourselves. This session to immerse ourselves in it and thus taste the volutes of creations and pacifications within ourselves.


This room welcomes us for a collective session for a maximum of 18 people.


A space for meetings and sharing, hugs, releases and expansions

Voice, Sounds & Drum are our vibratory tools

Our goals

. Re crystallize our axis, our spine

. Re crystallize our blood and our flesh

. Air our cells

. Free demons, recurrences and beliefs

. Ancestor connections 

. Connections to universal human and stellar knowledge

. Pipe connections / Guidance

. Bring back the sacred breath

. Personalized messages and interviews

. Light codes

. Transmutation in Sacred Places

The Unity of SELF

Happiness Space
Transmutation Space
Transformation space
New Keys to reveal your freedom to be .

I pay my place

"This internship is a  space out of time, of connections to the Self in itself,

in all our dimensions. "

. To regain  . Pacify  . To free

& Create our New reality


"We create and  let's live,  what we  adherents,  consciously  and​​ unconsciously. So what do we want to experience? "

. Connect to Self

. Meditate

. Discover and understand

. Feel and practice

. Recover your Intuitive nature

Drum and Sounds

Voices and verbs

You, us and all

If your drums, rattles or other friends sound the desire for their presences, be happy to share them with all ...

An environment for you
accompany all in sweets and
in depths.

Our Organization

# 1 Workshop 4 days 400 €

# 2  Lunch / snacks; we share what we bring

# 3  No sleeping on site

# 1   Carpooling possible depending on the participants

# 2   Accommodation is available nearby

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