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A collection
Sessions  energetic  /quantum
available for download

A Series or Collection that is expanding,

to the extent of calls and inspirations


These sessions are AUDIO CARE ,

vibratory, quantum which act on our constitution, on our cells.


As soon as you purchase via the site's online store,

you receive an email in which,

you find the download link

which allows you to record the session on your phone, computer or tablet

So you have access to it, as much as necessary

and when you want

What is It ?   How this works ?   Results ?


Stop Sugar Addictions

Cravings Management

in Sugar

Water Retention Stop

Rediscover the fluidity of the Waters of the body

Managing Sugar Cravings


Whales Care

Connections to stellar memories


Videal care

Cleansing the blood, and not just after the last injections


Stones, Pebbles & Rocks Treatment

Finding Knowledge

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Sperm whale treatment

Anchored in the depths of the oceans

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