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BRITTANY -  Morbihan  

Tréffléan -  17  until August 19, 2020

Lighten up,  Find & Orient your life


3 days of  vacation

initiatory,  liberators and creators

  The lyrical flight of the world that we  let's build  today already transcends all that we can  today at this time our mind, understand.  At the very least we shell out  and by the same to alleviate, our past stories, our blockages and the inversions  recurrent; The  ours and  those that others offer us in  mirror.


A life of harmony, of  determination,

health, balance and  abundance 

is available  today,

for who wants and who is there  splint.

Slowly  for oneself and also  for  the other.

10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Exchanges / Sharing / Treatments / Meditations /

Tools :  Mediumship, sounds, voice, drum, creative speech, exercises of  body

If you are interested  or have questions  contact me at 06 08 71 58 37

An exclusively charming place  for us, with swimming pool. A land of memory, a circle of trust, gentleness, intimacy,  and our individual sanitation waves and  collectives are expressed.
For those who wish, an on-site residence is possible.

This is organized directly with Gwénola on 06 25 17 53 90

Session  :  There are 2  places


Course session price: 280 €

Rate  overnight stay  if you sleep there: 80 €

Other accommodations available around 

Housing and  training are at  finalize before the start of the internship.


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