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BRITTANY -  Morbihan  

Treffléan - 12  to 13  December 2020

Develop your  Abundance in all


2 days of  releases

Legitimacy,  health and  abundance

Abundance for oneself

Abundance in itself

Abundance in all

Money ,  the art of the people, the health and the abundance in all things are dispositions which we have in us, and which for many years.  a long time, have  no longer been developed.

We are in these times of exercising legitimacy  from "we love me",  of the liberation of our blockages and points of view that suffocate and  prevent.

The world of meaning forms  takes its shape according to our thoughts and emotions.

We take the  instruction of this creative space free to imprint our thoughts

- Unblocking of situations

- Expansions of understandings

- Increased breath and respiration

- Memory transformations  transgenerational, family and societal cellular

Oscillations  Between  meditations, healing  energetic, shamanic, teachings, exchanges and sharing.

Expansion and abundance in everything, in every breath, for you and for all

What we heal in us is healed for all

10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Exchanges / Sharing / Treatments / Meditations /

Tools :  Mediumship, sounds, voice, drum, creative speech, exercises of  body

If you are interested  or have questions  contact me at 06 08 71 58 37

An exclusively charming place  for us, with swimming pool. A land of memory, a circle of trust, gentleness, intimacy,  and our individual sanitation waves and  collectives are expressed.
For those who wish, an on-site residence is possible

Session  :  10  places


Course session price: 220 €

Rate  overnight stay  if you sleep there: 80 €

Other accommodations available around 

Housing and  training are at  finalize before the start of the internship

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