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Videal care
Blood Cleaning

The Video Care



It is a transmission in waves and frequencies. 

This vibrational, quantum, shamanic medicine offers us access to the magnetic and electric fields of the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body.

Everything about Videal

Given the injection elements that operate with more or less balance,

this session a treatment that cleanses the blood and blocks the progression of certain multiplications.

VIDEAL care is the union between

Dominique Errard  ( AUDIO CARE )


Stéphane Rabolion ( VISUAL CARE )


The channeled frequencies of Dominique and Stéphane  have the function of maximally neutralizing messenger RNA devices ,

clean the blood of metals and such...


We access the 3 bodies

• Physical body

• Mental body = emotional

• Spiritual/magnetic body  / lady



1 vibrational audio + 1 vibrational drawing


1. A QUANTUM VIBRATIONAL SOUND CARE in codes and frequencies of lights, sounds, drums, silences, verbs and breaths for the cleansing of water, blood and cells following injections, known and unknown elements

     . Blocking and dissolving circulating “informative” spirals

     .  Quantum Healing / 5D / Shamanic


2. A QUANTUM VISUAL CARE in codes and waves of light focused on the primordial source of pure energy to purify the body's blood and perfectly rebalance the stability of the soul, the etheric body and the different chakras.

It works for any type of blood type.





The ideal is to be in a comfortable place, rather alone, lying down or seated according to your comfort, outdoors or indoors, as you can.

  • You listen at least 3 times in three days, i.e. once a day for 3 successive days

  • Then you listen once a week for 3 weeks. For example you listen to Monday, then you will listen to 3 Mondays in a row



Take care to put yourself in a calm place like during a meditation and soak up the quantum visual, focusing your attention on your pineal gland.

• 3 times a day, morning, noon and evening for 5 minutes 3 days in a row.

The vibration of the geo-sthenia image intercommunicates instantly with the overall cellular geometry of the various bodies and chakras to restore balance.

You can print the drawing or/and save it on your tablet, phone, computer etc.


After  payment via the online store,

y ou receive an email on which you find 1 Zip link

who opens

. 1 sound file (mp4) 

.  1  drawing file (pdf)

Items download to your tablet / phone / computer

To receive
audio + drawing



1 vibration audio


1 vibration drawing

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