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Méditer dans la nature

Join the " generation 2 " team  

of the Tous Chaman training

To chase  the  second year  

taught by Dominique Errard

coach, shaman and author


A training that gives the keys to reveal
your capacity and freedom to Be.

" All Shaman training

aims to allow

to the greatest number

to rediscover its ancestral multidimensional capacities,

to integrate them into his daily life and thus  become a screenwriter  of his life" ​​

You learn to 

  • Recover your Intuitive nature

  • Release your traumatic mechanisms written in your DNA

  • Develop and master practical tools to pacify your life and write joy in your DNA

  • Develop your mental / emotional capacity as a creator

  • Develop your clairaudience and clairvoyance skills

  • Use the visible and the invisible in his everyday life to inscribe his dreams and desires in the material

  • Develop your universal knowledge on the multidimensional Nature of Man

  • Acquire a capacity to adapt and manage crisis situations with respect for all parties concerned

A unique, progressive, plural and collaborative education to best meet your needs.


The Tous Chaman training is  100% online ,

The workshops take place in  DIRECT

And are accessible in  REPLAY  for life


COMPLETE COURSE of 3 stages - 3 years  

Graduate education  

Content dealing with ancestral and stellar knowledge  

Practical exercises to use in your daily life

Shamanic care and DNA re-encoding at each workshop  

A Facebook-type blog created for all our exchanges

Direct interactions with each other for those who want (Trombinoscope available with contact details and location)

Ease of payment ( monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually )

A package built to support you in depth.

Included in the training over 3 years

# 1  Progressive knowledge transmission path, which allows everyone to integrate Information and cellular resets (once or twice a month)

# 2   + 48 workshops (+100 hours of training over 3 years) accessible in replay and available for life

# 3   12 Zooms (+30 hours of sharing accessible in replay and available for life  

# 4   Quantum care / pipelines at each workshop depending on the energy of the moment

# 5  +/- 40 PDF  workshops attended

Plus, bonuses!

Discover your trainer

Dominique errard 

Join your  promotion 

"All Shaman" 

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