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DOLPHINS - Egypt  

In the heart of a lagoon of the Red Sea

from 04  to 11  april 2020





Oasis Voyage, agency  travel specialist in  consciousness 

for over 12 years

Offers us a week of communion with the dolphins,

housed on a  yacht privatized for us.




Dolphins and other inhabitants of ocean waters await us,

already connected to those of us who will be there.

They are exceptional transformers of our cellular codes.

Some are teachers, some are healers, some are awakens.

All are the codes of Earth and Heaven, of time and space.

Each meeting is initiatory, whatever it is, for oneself and for all.

Each traveler of this space and this time works for himself and for the other, depositing in the Ocean of Mother Earth, all the elements which are no longer necessary.


Water, earth, fire, air, densified by the unity of the sounds of the abscissas and the heavens, tuned in by our dolphins who activate, according to the conscious and unconscious demands of each one, all the changes necessary for the realization of the plan.

Acceleration, amplitude, density, ease,

simplicity of change processes.

We are the breath and the sound, and we just come back to it.


We are what dolphins are,

union of the senses of the earth and the sky for us, for all.


. Trans-generational / karmic / cosmic releases

. Pacifications of mental convolutions

. Awareness openings

. Awakening memories, knowledge and knowledge



We oscillate between teaching and care.



Transmissions  knowledge,

Memory transformations  cellular

- Voice/  Sounds / drum

- Verbs and breaths

- Dance of the 4 directions

When this cellular, molecular, emotional and psychic reset returns,

we are new light reflectors,

harmonized in unison with the vibrations of Earth and Heaven.


This is what the dolphins of the Red Sea offer to offer us. 

We look forward to seeing each other again and shining brightly, for us and for all.

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