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Proud to be yourself

or a love story with oneself & Oneself

Allow everyone to find their presence

Our lasting action is that of creation based on our personal identities,

relieved and free from heaviness, especially guilt and judgments.


Proud to be you

Proud to find a place, its place, its legitimacy

Proud to erect shoulders, chins and heads

Proud to reason the open plexus active, receptive and transmitter too

Proud to blow in living sounds


What we are capable of

Getting in tune with the universe and “citizenizing” and inscribing one's life, in all forms. If you and I and others, dare and make change in our lives now, then from here and today, we are the most powerful citizen actors of the living.

Spiritual, quantum and shamanic, our thoughts, words and acts, conscious and unconscious vibrations are our material creations. We Are and are, all and One, the presence of me and you, to unify this earth, harmonize our moods and create to the best of ourselves, for us love me and for all.

Show to talk about it live May 12 at 7 p.m.

1 day session Brussels

- Only on Registration via email or phone


RULES  on site at the beginning of the session

  • 120 € / person



  • Training place

    • Brussels (address available for registration)

  • Lunch at your expense

    • Everyone comes with something to eat and let's share what's


For all your questions, 

I am available via email

or mobile on 06 08 71 58 37

Modalities & Organization

Where and when ?


JUNE 18 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Brussels - Ixelles


. Extricate yourself from the matrix of beliefs and obligations

. Release its memory codes attached in cash figures

. Daring the best for Self loves me


. Harmonization / Unification of polarities

. Extractions of the idea of belonging

. Establishment of legitimacy


proud of yourself

. Policing our judgments and guilt

. Redefine yourself at the heart, at the center of yourself,

. Actor and creator in his daily life

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