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15  August  2019

Harmonize our moods  


Create our best

Free yourself to move forward in harmony

Operate the management systems for solutions to life events

  A day  harmonization  for himself,  for his own and  so by  resonance, for all  : friends and "  enemies  "

We release, we lighten;

Come with your instruments, drums and percussion and more if you feel like it.  We live a session  of shares,  of  care / sounds, disconnections to  elements  ...

Daytime:  10:30 am-5:00pm

. Teachings

. Ceremony

. Care

. Questions answers 

. Meditation / care

. Purification by Fire

. Harmonization

. Growing up in incarnation

. To be closer to his Essence

Tools :  Mediumship, sounds, voice, drum, creative speech, body exercises


.  1 person ;  60 €

. Duo;        100 € or 50 € / person  



Please send your registration to  the email address below

. in  specifying the  number of persons 

.  specifying your  payment method


Site  :  https : //


Your registration is validated by your email.  Upon validation, we will send you the precise location.


Regulations  with Dominique  Errard

. By checks / cash  on the spot

. Through  Iban : We transmit information on demand

.  Via the Paypal online store or  CB  via

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