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Energetic  / Shamanic Care 


Stop Douleurs de Règles


Un Ouvrage


Séance Individuelle


Coach 6 mois


Soins Totaime

Cabanes au bord de l'eau



Nettoyage des Lieux


Atrium WebTV

Individual session

Care & coaching

Cell reprogramming




Physical , emotional, dysfunction  I connect in sound & light frequencies.

My supports are the voice and the drum
We are co-creators of the session.

. You receive sound and light frequencies that transform your DNA, your memory cells

. I pass on knowledge, keys and practices to you so that you can take control. 

Your physiological and bioenergetic program changes . The recurrences and uncomfortable automatisms cease. 

You become the actor and screenwriter of your life. 

  Cleaning  Premises

Houses / Offices

On demand

Our homes, offices are the nests of our lived, conscious / unconscious stories.

Whether we have been there for a long time or whether we integrate them, all these places are the crucible, the receptacles of all our emotions, the visible and the invisible, of all our words and our other evils.  

. release of the premises

. release  energies

. release souls / spirits

All the topics, all the changes you want now.

Global consideration of all personal, private and professional needs.


1  preparatory conversation by  phone / skype

1 day of energy work , information, specific knowledge, for you and your specific needs


Creation process of our day

1 - Some fitness appointments

It's a  appointment  phone / skype  destined  To  pre set our day. Define the  goals and objectives.  Calibrate  the subjects to be treated . Structure our day

2 - 1 day together about 1 month after our first exchanges

It is an oscillation between quantum care,  technical exchanges,  theoretical and practical. 

We tackle subject after subject the points  and goals that we have set for ourselves.

Energy / quantum healing decodes the  mechanisms  cells encoded in DNA, words, verbs  adjust and  focus a new  physical energy. We are in total  interaction during this day.


3 - A total of 3 months

We communicate,  we exchange, we adjust what needs to be, to your measure.

  3 months

to change his life  

Care / Teaching

On demand




To change this pain program

You make yourself comfortable, after drinking a glass of water and listening, welcoming and receiving, all the waves and frequencies that allow this change. As many times as the pain is, as many times as you listen, you breathe and release yourself.

1- Listen to the video recorded in March 2017 (the one on which I have longer hair)

2 - If the effects are insufficient;  Listen first to part 1 which deprograms Pain and then part 2 which reprograms softness.​​

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